Materials you can cut:





Manufactured Boards


Materials you can only engrave:

Anodised Metals




What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a precise and versatile manufacturing process that utilizes a high-powered laser beam to cut through a wide range of materials with precision. The laser beam is focused on the material's surface, generating intense heat that melts, burns, or vaporizes the material along the intended cutting path. This results in a clean, precise, and often intricate cut, allowing for the creation of complex shapes and designs.

The function of this technology are endless but it's main uses are for manufacturing, art & design, signage, prototyping, textiles and architecture.

Our custom-built laser cutter is 100 watts and can work with materials up to 600x900mm.


Our laser cutting services are charged at £1 per minute with a minimum time of 30 minutes (£30.00). We aim to have your work cut and sent within 3 to 5 working days.

In a rush?

If your job needs to be completed faster than 3 working days we can accommodate for more urgent projects. We can work evenings or weekends to reach your deadlines. Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know that it is an urgent project. Please note that urgent projects will be priced at £1.50 per minute.

I have a file ready

If you have have the files ready to cut please send them over on our quote page and let us know:

For more information on this please read our Laser Cutting Guidelines document.

I need you to design for me

No problem! You are in safe hands. Please get in touch and we can discuss your project further. We offer our design services at £25 per hour.